How I went from being an avid reader to a social media geek.

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From an avid reader to a social media geek, I lost my touch with real world and real books.

There was a time when I was a voracious reader. I remember when I was in school I would save my pocket money to buy books.   My love for books increased day by day. I would find my solace in words, I wouldn’t just read books, I would live them. It was my escape. I studied literature for five years, and it taught me everything I know about life, it gave me better understanding of myself. 

This was the time before social media had encroached upon our lives, before our lives was colonised by marketers and AI. Before we felt the need to show everything we do to people on virtual platform. 
It’s been few years now that I have lost connection with my books, I couldn’t control my impulse to invest in books but I hardly spare an hour of my day to read them. 
I rather prefer spending time in Instagram and Facebook and various other social apps scrolling through posts and memes and what not. I feel helpless that I have no control over my impulse to check my phone every few minutes.
 The encroachment of social media on our life is far too deep rooted then we give it credit for. 
However, I wish to redevelop the bond I had with my books and spend more time with them and less time with the five inch screen in my hand. 
Abhimanyu Jha 7 months ago

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